Ever since I came home from my second and final deployment to Afghanistan I felt like my purpose in life has changed. At that time, the kinetic part of the war began to phase out and I started dealing with my many orthopedic injuries that occurred during the nine years of my life I spent as a Navy SEAL. With the war winding down and my health in consideration, I made the decision to get out of the Navy. Adjusting to civilian life was and still is difficult at times. What was acceptable behavior in a SEAL Platoon operating in a remote outstation in Afghanistan is not necessarily acceptable behavior in up state New York. Finding my place in the real world coupled with my multiple herniated discs, and various other injuries to my knees, hip, spine, and shoulders would make some of the easiest tasks a chore. I became angry and depressed and my negativity started affecting those around me. I felt like I was spiraling out of control until a friend who was dealing with similar issues said, “It could always be worse man.” This made me think. At least I am still alive. I am still able to walk, run, jump, and dance (although I’m better at this after several drinks). It could always be worse.


My thoughts then transitioned to my friends and family members who lost their lives far to young. As the anger and depression began to take over, two thoughts came into my head. One thought was, if I were them…looking down at me…I would want to slap the shit out of me for wallowing in my anger and depression. My second thought was, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. So I made up my mind that from here on out I am going to start doing the things that I want to do. Go after my craziest dreams and goals. I am going to start living for them.


So here, on my little slice of the interwebs, I plan to share my journey towards this crazy goal of mine. What is this crazy goal you say? Well, my awesome wife and puppy, and myself are moving to Fairbanks, Alaska in an all out effort to run the Iditarod dog sled race in memory of our friends and family who are no longer with us. I can’t promise you an instant success story or that I ever will get to the finish line in Nome, but I can promise you that I will pursue this goal with the intensity of 1000 suns. I can also promise that what you see here will be real, hopefully inspiring and more than likely entertaining as I share my stories and misadventures


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